• June ’18

    Oslo Exhibition!

    Had one of my close to heart paintings at a gallery in Oslo.
    At gallery A.
    Oslo is a city you will see me more in. I love that city!
  • APRIL 2018

    Inspirational trip to the USA

    I finally had my childhood dream come true, chasing tornadoes in the USA.
    This was real inspiration, and added to my imagination for the subsequent paintings.

    APRIL 2018

  • APRIL ’18

    One check off the bucketlist

    Since my early days as an artist, I’ve wanted to be at Krane Galleri og Rammeverksted. They were huge, I were fresh. Now, I on the inside.
  • October ’17

    Exhibition at Vollan Gjestestue

    A place in the mids of nowhere. In between the mountains and a very attractive tourist attraction, I was honoured to place my art there.

    October ’17

  • Summer 2017

    End of that chapter

    After having my gallery for a year, I had to return to my nomadic lifestyle.
    How great wasnt it to have ones own gallery, but my callings for mobility were put on the test.
  • ’17

    April Article

    An interview with Scan Magazine, that promotes travel, lifestyle and business, based in Scandinavia, read all over the world.


  • 2016

    Marit Bockelie

    Marit Bockelie at my gallery.
    Exciting to see what the future might bring for us.
  • June ’16

    June ’16

  • Spring of ’16

    Opened up my own gallery

    A big dream of mine were always to open up a gallery. I had been placed at different once in Tromsø area, but I could not get satisfied. I needed my own place, and so I got.
  • ’16

    Dinner with Vebjørn Sand

    Vebjørn Sand, a role model of mine.


  • 2016

    Italian publication by L’Informatore

    Visited by an italian art magazine!
    L’Informatore Europeo

  • ´16

    Have a look at this article

    Had an article written about me and my escape from eating disorders,through painting.
    Just ask if you want it translated!


  • 2016 Sweden

  • JUNE 2015

    Solo exhibition at Northerns best hotel

    Northern Norway, Tromsø, has a top quality hotel, and I were fortunate enough to exhibit there, solo. 

    Egil Olsen popped by!

    JUNE 2015

  • January ’15

    Arctic Frontiers - UiT

    Really started to get a feeling for this exhibitions. Watch my takeover.
  • 2014

    Founded Art by Slydahl AS

    The day i trespassed my fears, and started working for myself.


  • October ’14

    Return to G

    Back to my roots, where I started off.
  • 2014


    A collective exihibition that had a lot of diverse to offer. Here you see my collection being presented.


  • 2014


    Boligmessen invited me another time, and this year I met the famous Otto Robsohm, better know as “Sinnasnekkern” 

  • 2014

    Arctic University of Tromsø invited to Svalbard

    University of Tromsø invited me to Svarlbard.
    Truly an inspirational experience.


  • 2013


    Tromsø had their big fair with all kinds of exhibitors, and I were one of them!
  • Summer ´13

    Summer ´13

  • Summer ’13


    Nofima is the epitome of norwegian diet, and  I, of nowegian art. Good combo.
  • 2013


  • End of ’12

    Exhibition at gallery TP

    Thrilled to have a solo exhibition. 20 artpieces were exposed.

  • 2012

    Fundraising at gallery Karl Johan

    The best times is when my art can help others!


  • 2012

    Gallery Karl Johan took in my art

    My art at gallery Karl Johan in Tromsø!

  • 2011

    Exhibition at G, alone.

    I had my first separate exhibition ever. It frightend me to death, but I made it through just fine! Unbelievable!


  • 2009

    Thorild Ramberg Studio

    I started off fine, but as time went, with one child, I just could not continue, and had to drop out.
    Here is me doing a portait.
  • 1998-1999

    Arts school

    My first art educational encounter.

    Yes, my passion blossomed here, but it never caught up. I did not think I was fit for being an artist.